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Bubble Football

Bubble Football is an alternative and whacky way of playing the beautiful game. While wearing a Zorb-like inflatable bubble, players are encouraged to bounce, smash and crash into each other while fighting for possession of the ball. There is no room for fancy footwork in Bubble Football whether you are male or female regardless if you have never played football before anyone can play, no footballing ability required! Watch the action HERE.

Archery Combat

Archery tag is a mix between dodgeball and paintball but using bows and foam tipped arrows. Players equipped with bow, arrows and a protective mask battle it out by dodging, ducking and diving around to strike their opponents or simply to reclaim your ammunition! Practically painless unlike paintballing, Archery Tag is intense enough for the Hunger Games fanatics & safe enough for kids to play. Ages 10 years and above can get involved in this friendly combat sport. Watch the action HERE


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